About Star Trek: Unity

“Star Trek: Unity” is an internet-based drama series set in the Star Trek universe in the time period between “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Star Trek” (The Original Series). The series centers on a set of original characters which crew the USS Unity starship and the challenges they will face in their drive to explore the cosmos. As the “Star Trek” name is a trademark of CBS/Paramount Inc, we offer all our episodes as free downloads for you to enjoy and share.

Our approach to this series is to create a new science-fiction drama series that is lightly based on the Star Trek universe. In other words, the level of knowledge of the Trekverse needed to follow our series is minimal since we’ll be relying on our own stories to create the environment in which our series will exist. We’re also focusing on the creation of character-driven stories for our series, where it’s the people and their circumstances that are of interest instead of the technology they use or are surrounded by. For us, science-fiction is done best when it explores the human condition set against an alternate reality or vision of the future. With our series, we hope to tell stories that don’t give you the answers, but instead gets you to think, to question the status quo and the perceptions we have of our world and those we share it with.

To that end, some of the technology seen in our series may conflict with the aesthetics seen in the original “Star Trek” series as it’s more important for us to create a believable backdrop for our stories than attempt to draw out a design aesthetic from over 40 years ago merely for nostalgia’s sake. Indeed, our series placement in this undefined period in the Trekverse timeline gives us the opportunity to create a novel design which can embrace certain elements from the two aforementioned series while also putting our own design aesthetics into the mix, allowing for a more contemporary style for our series.

The “Star Trek: Unity” series starts off with a four-part audio mini-series that provide an introduction to the crew of the USS Unity set against the starship’s construction at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in Mars orbit. These audio-only episodes will also shed some light on the back story of these characters and the internal character drives that will impact how they will handle the situations they will face in the animated series.

The animated episodes for our series will be created in CG animation, which you can get a feel for by viewing the series trailer found on our website.

If you enjoy character-driven stories set against a science-fiction background, we know you’ll enjoy our series “Star Trek: Unity” as we take our characters – both on the outside as well as inside themselves – on a journey to the stars . . . and beyond.