Meet the Creative Team Behind Star Trek: Unity

Matt Boardman, Series Creator

Executive Producer / CG Supervisor / Writer

In addition to collaborating with Tanveer on the creation and development of this internet drama series, Matt is also serving as the main animator for this CG-animated series.

Several years ago, a friend suggested to Matt that he might try out the program 3D Studio Max.  Having had so much fun, he purchased a book and taught himself to use the basics of the program.  He hasn’t looked back since, always wanting to learn more and to build on that knowledge.  He later expanded his understanding of CG in to programs such as Lightwave and Maya, where he is still learning and building his skills.

Matt has also had opportunity to help with CG elements of other Star Trek related productions including Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and several Hidden Frontier productions.  Matt is currently in his final year at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Animation.  He and his wife Aubrey have two children that they are raising in the state of Michigan.


Tanveer Naseer, Series Creator

Executive Producer / Director / Writer

Tanveer has been working with Matt on creating a distinct vision for this series, focusing on the kinds of stories and ideas that would be shared through this storytelling vehicle, as well as creating unique and original characters who would help bring these stories to life.

He has sat in the proverbial director’s chair for the first two episodes, “Disunity” and “Disunity, Part 2”, a role he hopes to take on again when work begins on the animated episodes. His work in this role has allowed him to develop a keen understanding of sound engineering, sound design and editing, elements that will play a key role in the CG-animated series as well.