Now that “Disunity, Part 2″ has been released, I wanted to post an update about the project in order to bring our audience up to date.

At the moment, I am busy with the pre-production work on our third audiosode which I will once again direct, but which I’ll be writing solo this time. It’s going to be quite different from our previous two episodes, especially considering that it’s a whole new storyline and a stand-alone episode. However, it will be similar to “Disunity” and “Disunity, Part 2″ in that it will feature a story with a strong social commentary component, focusing on an issue that to-date hasn’t received much attention for discussion. There’s also going to be a few new guest voices that will be featured on this episode that I think will also help give something fresh and new to our series.

I’m hoping to sit down and record a director’s commentary for “Disunity, Part 2″ to share some insights into how that episode came about and some of the challenges it presented, like learning how to compose an orchestral score for a dramatic work. More on that at a later date.