This project update focuses on a number of changes that we’ve made to our project, both in terms of what information we’ll be disseminating to changes in casting. To start this off, let’s look at some of the changes in regards to the overall series before getting into any specifics.

First, we’ve decided that from now on, we won’t be releasing news updates regarding the status of the production of our episodes. The reason for this is quite simple – we want to streamline the information we provide to our audience to only those items that would be of interest to the general public – in other words, no more information dumps. As such, the only news we will be releasing in regards to our episodes is when they’ll be released. I know with our past two episodes, I made it a point to keep our audience up to date on where things stood production-wise. Well, from now on, we’re going to change our focus to only releasing information that is relevant for our audience since frankly, production schedules are really for internal logistical matters.

And it’s with this new perspective regarding what project developments we deem pertinent to share that I am announcing the following – I am currently at work writing the remaining two audiosodes (Episode #3 and #4) and gearing up for directing both episodes this year so that production on our first animated episode can start in early 2010! Yes, that’s right, “Star Trek: Unity” is gearing up for production of our CG-animated dramatic series. In fact, Matt Boardman, my fellow executive producer, is well underway working on getting the remaining work done for our animated series.

Another change we put into action early last month was dropping certain characters from our show as well as setting plans for recasting others. For the most part, this change in our casting is due to the realization that there are certain characters which we felt weren’t very interesting or compelling in terms of creating character-centered drama. And yes, the respective actor’s performances did weigh in on these decisions as they should if we are to be honest in our desire to make our production as polished as we can.

There are two characters, though, that we couldn’t drop from our series. One of these is the Chief Engineer Amara Cohen character as we have a very interesting character arc planned for her, something we’ve already placed a few hints of in our first two audiosodes. After working on these two episodes, we just didn’t feel the person we had playing the part of Amara was really giving the character the portrayal and feel that we were after and as such, we are in the process of recasting someone else for this part in our future episodes so that we can present the Amara character in the manner that we envision her. The other series character that we’ll be recasting is less of an issue for our series since this character is only needed for a cameo in an upcoming episode to complete a specific storyline thread that we’re developing.

As for what characters have been dropped from our series – and which other character it is that we are recasting – well, that detail I’m going to have to keep a secret for now since the character’s fate will be presented in our upcoming episodes and I don’t want to spoil that surprise. All I will say is that, aside from the Amara Cohen character, these other changes will come off being pretty minor since the characters in question were always meant to be supporting players for our principal characters of Captain Ken Anderson and First Officer Ann Welsh. Besides, none of these changes will affect the stories that were presented in “Disunity” and “Disunity, Part 2”. On the contrary, I think you’ll find that it only serves to enhance these overall storylines.

Okay, well that’s it. So now you know that if you stop by our website, blog or forum and don’t see any updates or news regarding work on our episode(s), no need to worry about what this could mean. On the contrary, we’re just enjoying keeping you in the dark.

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